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Jerry Lewis: A Humanitarian Hero and a Comedy Icon

Jerry Lewis and MDA

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Jerry Lewis left a huge impact and changed Labor Day Weekend traditions to its betterment. Due to his undying dedication for 45 years, he had helped raise funds to fight for such unimaginable diseases and had helped raise awareness to the public that muscular dystrophy is a real thing, and it needs help. Lewis has been a prominent figure to the MDA. His enthusiasm in trying to find the cure never made him stop to pour out his efforts despite the diminishing age he had.

His retirement last 2011 was due to this decreasing health conditions. He was no longer making appearances on televisions and films because of his frail health condition. On his last television interview, he expressed his sadness in leaving the industry, leaving MDA, and leaving his wife and daughter alone. But despite his retirement on the annual MDA Telethon on Labor Day Weekend, he surely will not be forgotten.