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A Life With Celiac Disease and What It Means for Patients

Foods with Gluten

When first diagnosed with celiac disease, many people don’t realize just how many of the foods they consume in their daily lives are grain products. Gluten is also prevalent in almost all food items that are consumed the world over, finding gluten free food options have become more possible in the last few years, but in many places, even in developed countries, it’s still quite difficult and a severe health risk for people with celiac disease. Things like oatmeal, barley, rye, wheat, grits, bread and breakfast cereals, just about everything has grains it. Gluten free prepackaged items that are sold in supermarkets tend to be marked up significantly and because of all that in involved in avoiding cross contamination with products that contain gluten.

That being said there are ways to incorporate alternative products that do not cost quite as much into the diet. Many items like fresh whole fruits, nuts,  vegetables, beans, eggs, chicken and fish. Avoid buying pre-packaged foods at major retailers, if something like flour is needed it can be made using gluten free ingredients that may already be available in the pantry like brown rice, chickpea and potato. It may not be exactly the same but will work just as well.