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10 Important Facts About the Bedroom, Cuddling, and Sleeping Next to Your Partner

10 Important Facts About the Bedroom, Cuddling, and Sleeping Next to Your Partner

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health, and is often an issue for thousands who struggle with sleep deprivation each year. But research has also found that the state of the bedroom and even cuddling habits could be having an effect on one’s health.

With that said, here are ten essential facts about cuddling, your bedroom, and sleep:

  • Importance of exercise: Many people do not understand the connection between exercise and sleep. However, according to some studies, more consistent and better sleep can be gained through regular exercise. However, sleep deprivation, or insomnia, can be caused due to intense or sporadic exercise that is done right before the person goes to bed. Before going to bed, if you do exercise, make sure that the exercise is of low intensity, such as yoga or stretching.
  • Adjustment problem of the body: There is a common misconception about sleep. People feel that, eventually, the circadian rhythm will adjust itself; you may believe that, no matter how many significant changes there are in your sleep schedule, your body will adjust. Often, this can be seen in people who work night shifts and feel that the body has adjusted to sleeping during the day time and remaining awake at night. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. Your body will never truly adjust to an entirely different sleep schedule, and throughout your life, your circadian rhythm will remain relatively stable. You always have to be more awake and alert at night if you want to be successful during night shifts.
  • Less of sleep and more of food: According to some studies, bigger appetites have been seen in people with less sleep. Such people are subsequently at a greater risk of developing obesity or diabetes. Bigger appetites could possibly be caused by lower leptin levels that are due to a lack of sleep. The amount of attention that you give to your diet and exercise should be the same amount that you give to your sleeping habits if you are trying to lose weight.
  • Technology should be avoided before bed: You should take a closer look at your habits before you sleep if you are struggling with insomnia or sleep deprivation. Many people who are sleep deprived before going to bed end up browsing the web, watching TV, or playing on their phones. According to some studies, these things can have detrimental effects on one’s sleep patterns, and a person’s circadian rhythm, too, can get disrupted. According to researchers, this is caused by a certain blue light that is emitted from screens; they force the body to think that it should not go to sleep since it is not tired.
  • Bedroom behavior: According to some experts, sleep can also get affected by the behavior exhibited by the person in the bedroom. Per the research, during the day, doing certain things such as reading, browsing the internet, or watching TV could trick the brain; it could make the brain think that the bedroom is not meant for sleeping and is only meant for these activities. Hence, it is recommended by many professionals that the bedroom should only be used for sex, cuddling, or sleep. By doing this, the body is trained to know that you are supposed to fall asleep in your bedroom.
  • Air in the bedroom: According to some studies, the air present in the bedroom can be sixty percent more polluted than the air that is present outside. The possible reason for this could be that the bedroom has poor ventilation and is a sealed environment. Some very negative consequences can be caused in people while they are sleeping in the bedroom and breathing this air. If the ventilation in the bedroom is poor, then, in order to clean up the air that you are breathing in, get an air purifier.
  • Not making your bed is good for your health: This fact is mostly seen in kids. According to some studies, dust mites and bedbugs can be attracted by making the bed. This can then cause a build-up of bacteria along with other harmful effects. According to some studies, it was revealed that warmer and dryer conditions were more commonplace in a bed that was unmade. This condition is not suitable for mites and bed bugs. It could be worth it if a person stops making their bed every morning since, if bed bugs and dust mites get attracted, then they can cause breathing problems, asthma, and other illnesses.
  • Messy bedroom and sleep: Your health could benefit from a messy bed, but not if the bedroom is messy. According to some studies, if the bedroom is messy, then, during the day time, it can increase one’s drowsiness and reduce the person’s amount of sleep. Also, if the bedroom is cluttered, it can increase the level of anxiety and stress, and any mental illness can get aggravated as well. After seeing a clean and tidy room, a person will easily be able to relax and fall asleep. However, the person may feel stressed and may have trouble falling and staying asleep if they walk into a bedroom that is messy and looks like a battle zone. Hence, by making sure that one’s sleeping environment is as pristine as it can be, the person can really improve his or her sleeping habits. The bedroom is the sleeping room or sleeping area, and so it should be conducive to somnolence. For healthy sleep, a proper sleeping environment is important. One’s sleep may be negatively impacted by a messy bedroom, and falling asleep can become harder if the area is cluttered and disordered. It can interrupt and disturb sleep at night as well as in the daytime.
  • Peak drowsiness periods: Many people opt to find the periods when they are most tired, especially those who struggle with sleep. According to some researchers, for most people, the peak drowsy period is at 2:00 am and 2:00 pm, hence, there is no need to find the peak drowsy period. Many people say that, after lunch, there is a dip in attention, focus, and energy, but actually, this is just a coincidence. Even people who can stay awake at night will observe that around 2:00 am, their energy levels drop. According to many people, taking energy drinks or caffeine can resolve this dip in energy, however, down the road, these methods could lead to negative consequences. Another method is to snack on almonds or cashews continually; one’s energy levels experience a boost because of the almonds and cashews. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated and drink electrolytes in the form of orange juice or lemon juice.
  • Sleep pattern can be improved by cuddling: It has been found that health and sleep cycles can be improved drastically by cuddling. Oxytocin is a “feel good” hormone that is released by cuddling, and it also reduces stress and increases happiness. One’s anxiousness and stress is lowered by cuddling, and it relaxes the body and causes healthy sleep as well. To ensure a good night sleep, ten minutes of cuddling is more than enough. It is not necessary to hold your partner until you fall asleep.

For healthy sleep, ensure the following:

  • Clean your bedroom daily
  • Change the bed sheets every week
  • Ensure proper ventilation in your bedroom, and keep it dark and cool
  • Use only bedding and mattresses that make you feel comfortable.

Get rid of any clutter in the bedroom. Remove stacks of clothes or papers, and clean up any other area if required. Make sure that your bedroom looks neat and tidy and is like a sleeping heaven, rather than a place where objects are built up or scattered all over the place. Your mind may be always alert due to these things around you, so, before you try to sleep, make sure to clean your bedroom.