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10 Important Facts About the Bedroom, Cuddling, and Sleeping Next to Your Partner

Peak drowsiness periods

Many people, especially those that struggle with sleep, opt to find the periods where they are most tired. Researchers say there is really no need for this, as the peak drowsy periods for almost everyone is at 2:00pm and 2:00am. Many people talk about a post-lunch dip in focus, attention, and energy levels, but this is actually a coincidence (since many people eat lunch before 2:00). On the other hand, even night owls will notice their energy levels dropping around 2:00am. Many believe that this dip in energy can be solved with energy drinks or caffeine, but these methods could have negative consequences down the road. A better method is to continually snack on almonds or cashews, which naturally boost your energy levels. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of electrolytes from things like lemon juice or orange juice is important.