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Alzheimer's Disease: Is Playing Video Games Now Bad for the Brain Later?

 Alzheimer's Disease: What does this mean for the future?

What does this mean for the future?

The researchers think that it’s possible to change the way response learners play games. For example, most action shooter games have a map at the corner of each player’s screen. This map will show you your exact location inside the game environment. It also shows the general layout of the virtual area you are in. Because of this, the players don’t really need to use any clues or landmarks to get around and navigate. If the game makers could remove a map like this, it could potentially force their players to use more spatial learning techniques and protect their hippocampus.

Dr. West and his team have found some new evidence that video games might not be very good for you. Because these games are so popular, especially with young kids, we need to be aware of any potential dangers. Though we don’t know whether or not video games specifically cause any particular disease, we need to be careful about how much we play and how it might affect our mental health. You can read the latest findings for this research in the journal, Molecular Psychiatry.