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Alzheimer's: How to Care for Someone Who Is Hallucinating

Alzheimer's: Example of hallucination

Example of hallucination

Writer Brenda Avadia from U.S. News & World Report shared an anecdote of her father’s Alzheimer’s induced hallucination.

“What are you doing?” I asked my father.
“I’m babysitting.”
“The kids are here.”
“Which kids?”
“You know, the kids from the neighborhood. They like to come here and play … they should be in the other room.”

Avadia searched the house but couldn’t find any kids. When she asked again, her father said they must have gone home.

What was striking to Avadia was how “realistically” her father spoke about the children. He was so confident the kids were around that Avadia made the rounds several times in the house to find them.