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Alzheimer's: New Study Finds Big Differences in Male and Female Brain Activity

Alzheimer's: Results of the study and what they mean

Results of the study and what they mean

The study found a big difference in brain activity between the genders. Women not only had significantly more areas of the brain light up compared to men, but they also had more overall blood flow.

Whether at rest or concentration, women still had more brain activity than men. On average, there were 65 active regions in the female brain during rest compared to only 9 regions in men. While focusing on a given task, women still had higher numbers – with 48 active regions compared to only 22 in men.

Even though the study reported higher total brain activity in women, it doesn’t mean that women are smarter. This is because it matters where the signals are lighting up rather than how much. Different parts of the brain are in charge of different functions. Because of this, researchers found some interesting correlations.