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Are You Dating a Sociopath?

15 Signs You May Be Dating A Sociopath

The following are some traits that will show you are dating a sociopath:

1. Charismatic and charming

Image is everything for a sociopath. The priority for a sociopath is the image that he or she gives to the world. They have a very charismatic and charming nature, and will try to constantly flatter you against all odds.

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They will tell you how good and incredible you look although you may be aware that this is untrue since you did not do any makeup or just woke up in the morning. You know how you look, but he will still encourage you to believe that you look amazing and great, and has never seen anyone so beautiful.

We tend to like those who flatter us, like us, and make us feel good. They will not only charm you, but with whomever they meet, they will try to charm them, too. Also, the ones who are close to you tend to like your partner since they appear to be charming to them as well.

They are very quick and smooth in speaking, can ease up your stress, and can be an amazing company. They will fill your life with energy and promises of a bright future. They will make you feel that you are the most amazing person and their full focus is only on you.

2. Superficial and glib

To get whatever they want, they will do anything. Words roll out of their mouth very smoothly and even without getting stuck or thinking, they can speak well. You may notice that with one person, he may have a different personality and then show another personality to somebody else. He will say one thing one day and may change his words to accommodate you, in case if you changed your mind.

They will say anything that may seem genuinely true, only to found out later that they are only false promises and empty words.

3. Lack of connection to past relationships

By the time you realize that you have not met anyone connected to your partner, you actually have gotten emotionally involved with him and it is often too late. You do not even realize that you have not met anyone who is of significant importance and is connected to them. They have no lifelong friends or family. Even if you ask him that you would want to meet his family, he will start making excuses.

In the initial stages of a relationship, usually, we do not insist on meeting the other person’s family or friends. Hence, you will not notice that your partner has no connection to their past. You only start wondering when you introduce him to others and when your relationship progresses. 

4. Huge ego

Sociopaths have a huge ego since they are also narcissists. They will sound absolutely remarkable because of the great things they keep on telling you. They may talk about how they have handled big businesses, the success they had in their career, and how popular they are with the opposite sex. They may even brag about being excellent in bed. He will make you feel that meeting and dating him is the right thing and that you are very lucky to have found him.

5. Constantly plays the victim card

They will not only show off, but they also play a victim. They will tell you sad stories about their awful childhood and how his exes treated him badly. He will also tell you about his nature of being caring and forgiving. To evoke pity and sympathy, he will make up incredible stories. He will try to deflect attention if he is caught in a lie, so you will not feel sorry for him. He will make himself weak and vulnerable in front of you and build a fake bond and a false sense of trust.

6. Showers you with flattery and attention

It may seem flattering at first. If you are their target, then they will shower you with attention and make you the focus of their world by making you the center of attention. They will show you how eager they are to meet you every minute and bombard you with texts, calls, and conversations.

All of these gestures may seem good and you move forward in your relationship. However, a false sense of intimacy is created, which may seem like true love.

7. Sexual charisma and magnetism

A great deal of testosterone is possessed by sociopaths. They might give you a stare that will make you feel uncomfortable along with a sense of great sexual chemistry since they have big egos and do not care what others think about them. They will tell you how good they are in bed even before you could sleep together. Their staying power in bed is also good compared to non-sociopaths. 

They can show their sexual prowess in bed with their energy and love. You may seek more and may make your heart race. They rarely say "no" to sex and make you feel connected to them. They may make you feel that you both are great together and perfect for each other. Due to high levels of testosterone, sociopaths usually have very sexy personalities.

8. Manipulative, deceptive, and a pathological liar

Many people feel guilty and uncomfortable when they lie, but sociopaths have an opposite nature. When they say the truth, they feel uncomfortable. Their weapon is the lie that they constantly tell you. With their lies, they protect themselves from the outside world. They even continue telling lies even if they are caught in order to protect themselves. 

If they are caught, they will either change the subject or blame someone else. They will get angry and tell you weaknesses, but will never admit their fault. He can confess his lies only when there is a risk of losing you and is not yet done with you. They may confess and apologize to you, but only to rebuild your trust, and then start using you and manipulating you again. 

9. Lives like a parasite

They do not believe in working hard for a little pay. Hence, they try to get things for free. They might see you as a career option. In the beginning, since the relationship has moved forward, you would not mind. He assures you that he will repay you and keep telling you that he is doing you a huge favor and that you are very special to him. He will make you feel that his days are bad now, but very soon it will all change. With great prospects, he sells you a good, honest, and moralistic man. In reality, all he wants is to get free stuff and be comfortable with his life as much as possible. 

10. Comes on strong and moves fast

Be careful if you meet someone who is very keen to move the relationship forward. Be wary if, within six weeks of meeting, they want to move in and talk to you about marriage. Sociopaths tend to be very fast in relationships, so you will not get the chance to change your mind about them. 

11. May appear like a soulmate

Sociopaths can mimic the emotions, wants, and needs of others. You may feel that he is a perfect partner for you and you may be surprised to find that you two have many things in common, such as common goals and common interests. You may feel a spiritual connection with him and may feel that you know each other since years or lifetime. Be aware if you get such feelings.

Although at times, the connection can be a genuine one, most of the time, it is a risk. A sociopath may have already studied you and is mirroring back your needs, the way you are, and everything else.

12. Social isolation

Since a sociopath does not want you to spend time with others, he will bombard you with affection and come on strong. If he sees other people in your life, it will make him jealous. If he feels that someone in your life is a threat to him, he will do anything to keep you away from that person. After a while, you will realize that you are unable to spend time with the people you used to hang out with. You become dependent on him and may start to feel that he is the only person who can completely understand you. 

You see very few people in your life when you look back. If your relationship is a true and healthy one, then you will be encouraged to socialize and spend time with others as well. You rarely get space to breathe in a relationship with a sociopath.

13. Dramatic

Sociopaths fabricate big stories and are very deceptive and manipulative. They are always drawn to dramas in life and often try their best to create one if it is not there.

14. No life plan and long-term goals 

There are high-functioning sociopaths who work, but low-functioning ones do not. They rarely keep up with their job because they do not like being told what to do and what not to do. They also tend to lose their job due to trouble in their workplace. Many sociopaths promise that they will soon get a job, but mostly does not happen since they do not have long-term goals.

They tend to spend their time manipulating, scamming, and cheating. They are not bothered about the future since they are busy in their current drama. They do not think about how lying will affect their future.

15. Immaturity

Many of them are immature since they keep repeating their mistakes and do not learn from them. They do not care about other people's rights as well. However, if they are getting some benefits, then they might pretend to care. A sociopath is selfish and demanding. They want to satisfy their own needs first rather than prioritizing the needs of others. They feel that the world revolves around them.