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Using Art and Creativity to Fight Multiple Sclerosis

From biomedical science to a career in art

Caitlin recalls thinking that she might not graduate high school. This can be devastating to a teenager’s self-esteem. On top of the regular challenges that adolescence brings, Caitlin was also struggling with poor word recall, fatigue, fogginess, and weakness on the left side of her body. She remembers losing sensation in part of her face at one point and having her foot go numb. Prior to the MS Caitlin wanted to go on to be a Biomedical scientist. When she was diagnosed with MS she started art therapy. This would change her career path.

After engaging in art therapy to help cope with her disease Caitlin decided to change career paths. Currently she is studying to become a teacher in creative industries at the University of Newcastle. About her new career path, Caitlin says, “I decided that I really wanted to pursue art and make my life fun — have a good quality of life and just create and be happy.” She discusses how she feels that having a creative outlet to channel your emotions into when you have illness is important for coping.