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Using Art and Creativity to Fight Multiple Sclerosis

The importance of early diagnosis

MS is the most common neurological disease in young adults. It is chronic and progressive. When MS is suspected, early diagnosis is favorable so that treatment can be started. Starting treatment early is important because it can slow the progression of the disease. This will hopefully improve the overall quality of life of the patient and prolong his/her life expectancy. Even though it took Caitlin 5 years to get a diagnosis, she feels fortunate that she was diagnosed at such a young age. She says, “There are different types of multiple sclerosis. I have relapsing remitting, which is the good type to have because that means there are lots of different treatment options around for me.” The average age of diagnosis for MS is 30 years old, and 75 percent of people who are diagnosed are female. Since Caitlin has been diagnosed and treated at such a young age, the progression of the disease has been significantly slowed for her.