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Graphic Novel to Raise Awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Shining light on IBD through action-packed stories

Shining light on IBD through action-packed stories

These same superheroes, though powerful, were also IBD sufferers. The characters in the novel had a variety of diseases including both ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s. The idea was to represent the superhero inside each person living in the real world who has inflammatory bowel disease.

Within the story, the creators wove in metaphors for patient anecdotes from all over the globe. For example, the story creators symbolized the unequal attention different diseases get in the IBD world. They represented this by using sibling rivalry. Within this storyline, there was jealousy when the brother with Crohn’s would get more attention. They also highlighted how sharing experiences online helped these communities. Many different diseases in the IBD world were represented in the characters.

Breaking down society’s barriers, the novel also shows heroes in moments where they feel weak or even embarrassed about their disease. The heroes endured and grew stronger, just as real people living with IBD have to do. It was through this suffering the superheroes found their combined strength and community to save the world.