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Be Inspired! How an Awesome College Graduate Manages Celiac Disease

Call to action: How to find a dietitian who can help

As wonderful as Mattero's progress in the field of dietitian has been so far, she still has a lot of work to do and sadly can’t directly help everyone who has celiac disease, but there are others.

There are a few different ways to help find a dietitian that is knowledgeable about celiac disease and can help.

  1. The Dietitians in Gluten Intolerance Disorders have a resource list of celiac centers and dietitians who specialize in gluten-related disorders that is available at (click on DIGID Resources)
  2. Tricia Thompson’s website,, provides a list of dietitians who specialize in gluten-related illness, listed by state, under “Resources.”
  3. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ( will also help you find a dietitian by specialty and zip code.

Many people are afraid that their condition isn’t actually improving, and that can be a result of a lack of proper treatment. In order to properly control and treat this disease, patients suffering from celiac disease should have a dietitian evaluate their condition and assess whether further treatment/changes should be put into place.