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Be Inspired! How an Awesome College Graduate Manages Celiac Disease

How can a dietitian help with celiac disease?

The only treatment for celiac disease is a strict, life-long gluten-free diet. When asked, most doctors will not recommend the need for a dietitian to help control your celiac disease. They might refer patients to the internet, but this can get both confusing and misleading.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Based Nutrition Practice Guideline for celiac disease says medical nutrition therapy provided by a registered dietitian is strongly recommended for individuals with celiac disease. Why?

Simply saying no to gluten food or just trying to remind yourself every once in a while to eat responsibly won’t do it. However, getting a consultation with a registered dietitian who specializes or is familiar with the celiac disease will bring great benefits and will properly deal with the disease.

  • Will make sure gluten isn’t inadvertently getting into your diet
  • Will determine if current symptoms have relation with other dietary intolerances (lactose or fructose)
  • Will indicate and confirm that important nutrients and essential vitamin/minerals are being received.