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Georgia Police Officer Battles Breast Cancer with Grace

Georgia Police Officer Battles Breast Cancer with Grace

33 year old Becky Enslow was the first member in her family to go into law enforcement. In her 7 years on the job, the Henry County police officer and young mother is now battling a different type of crime: breast cancer.

When Becky became a police officer, she had a two-year-old and a five-year-old. “And I wanted them to look up to their mother and say, ‘She’s a hero. She’s my hero’” she said.

In a lot of ways, she felt as if she was born to do the job. And throughout her line of work, Becky earned a reputation for her generosity and her soft spot for animals. “I’ve saved hundreds of animals. Birds, cats, dogs, baby deer!” she said jokingly. Just last April, Becky spent hours in the backyard of a home in Locust Grove, trying to save a pregnant deer who was injured. She helped to deliver the babies via C-section and tried everything in her power to get them breathing – she even performed mouth to mouth. “I want everyone to know what great and compassionate officers we have with the Henry County Police Department. It was incredible. They were so amazing and worked to give those babies a chance” said Pamela Parker, owner of the Locust Grove home.

Around four years ago, Becky married Luke Enslow, a helicopter pilot for the Spalding County Sheriff's Office. The two blended their families and when she is not at work, Becky homeschools their six youngest children. “Altogether, we have 8 children” she said.

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