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Georgia Police Officer Battles Breast Cancer with Grace

Showing grace in the hardest of times.

Even while battling cancer, Becky did not stop serving her community. On the day of her surgery, she learned that her friend and colleague, police officer Chad Maddox, had been shot and killed in the line of duty. Becky knew that Maddox’s wife, Alex, was days away from giving birth to their second child and when the baby was born, she quietly organized an escort to take Alex and her newborn son, Bodie, from the hospital to their home. Over 100 police officers from eight south metro Atlanta counties lined up in a sea of blue lights to guide the Maddox's home.

“Hers is the type of character — everybody that knows Rebecca Enslow in Henry County — we had a whole community that stood by her. It doesn’t matter if it’s human or animal, she’s there to serve. She’s just a blessing as a person” said Kelli Bairefoot, a friend of Becky’s.