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Health Gadgets Ranked from Best to Worst

Basis Peak

Going even lower down the ladder is the Basis Peak, a fitness smartwatch that is anything but. Given its original $100+ price tag, you would expect top-quality features and design. Granted, it does have some good aspects, like fully automated activity detection, a good display, and heart rate and skin temperature readings, but it just seems like the bad far outweigh the good: for starters, it’s ugly, plain and simple, which may not matter to some people, but for the more fashion-conscious among us, it should be noted. Also, the Peak tracks neither calories nor distance traveled, which makes its use as a fitness tracker questionable at best. The accuracy of its heart rate monitor isn’t the best, and the device’s battery life claims up to four days of use, but is actually closer to three and a half.

However, all of this is a moot point, because the Basis Peak was recalled in 2016 for causing blisters and burns due to overheating and was discontinued! Talk about ironic.

The above Amazon rating reflects the 2014 edition of the product.

Photo: OxGadgets