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Health Gadgets Ranked from Best to Worst

Mio Alpha 2

The Mio Alpha 2's greatest attribute is its high-quality heart monitor in such a compact size, claiming to be as accurate as a chest strap. It also records your speed, steps walked, distance traveled, and calories burned on its bright screen. It also syncs with a variety of fitness apps like MapMyWalk and Wahoo, along with being waterproof. However, it does have its drawbacks: a single battery charge will give you only about 20 hours of heart monitoring ability, and the Alpha 2’s accompanying fitness app, Mio GO, does not sync well and offers only the most basic of data readings. It also lacks a GPS, which can be frustrating for cyclists and swimmers, and others have found its buttons-only display annoying. Although not the worst on this list, the Mio Alpha 2 is priced at $119, so it probably shouldn’t be your first choice compared to other options on this list.  

Photo: Mio Global