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Muhdo Genetic Profiling and Fitness Plan

Thanks to the success of genetic testing companies like 23andMe and, people have started utilizing DNA kits to obtain more in-depth information about their overall health to craft a better diet and exercise routine. While some of these are geared towards family history or one’s predisposition to certain conditions, MUHDO, a British company, has created a genetic kit designed to help customers lose weight and get fit. Their genetic profiling and fitness plan is easy and painless to use: you simply take a mouth swab, send it back to their lab for analysis, and in a few weeks, you’ll receive personalized health, fitness, and nutritional recommendations, along with ongoing support to help you achieve your goals. Four different modes are offered to hone in on specific health areas: Fit for Life, which focuses on nutritional and lifestyle changes; Fat Loss, which, as the name implies, focuses on getting rid of body fat through combined dietary and fitness adjustments; Fitness and Endurance, for those seeking long-term athleticism; and Muscle Building, intended to improve strength and make you leaner. The kit costs about $250, and MUHDO allows you the option to either buy all at once or to make monthly payments, with 12 months of 0% financing, a great option for anyone looking to improve their fitness!

Photo: Muhdo