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Health Gadgets Ranked from Best to Worst

Nokia Health Thermo

A close second in quality is the Nokia Health Thermo. Rather than a watch or other wearable accessory, this is a no-contact “smart” thermometer that sends information directly to your smartphone’s Thermo app. Its 16 infrared sensors ensure an easy, accurate measure of temperature — and it never has to touch your skin! A simple scan across the forehead takes over 4,000 measurements to obtain near-precise data. The color-coded LED screen provides instant temperature readings, and with the app, you can track these measurements, set reminders, and add related symptoms and medications for supplemental material. Priced at just under $100, it is a competitive option in the contactless thermometer market and is ideal for just about anyone, from those who need to monitor their blood pressure closely to families looking for a painless way to take their child’s temperature. Plus, the Thermo can accommodate up to eight users, making it a powerful tool in managing health.

Photo: Nokia Health