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Health Gadgets Ranked from Best to Worst


Forget other models — Nuraphones are the way to go for headphones. Both headphones and earphones, this Nura headset performs a 60-second measurement of the sound your ears make to produce a personalized hearing profile that sonically molds your music to your hearing system. You can also download the Nura app to discover the finer details of your tailored hearing profile.

The headphones have been described as some of the best on the market, and at $400, they ought to be! Made of hypoallergenic silicone, they have an effective vent system that keeps air flowing without sacrificing noise cancellation. An external microphone allows the user to make phone calls while using the headphones, and the product’s intuitive software knows when it is and isn’t being used and will turn on or off accordingly to maximize battery life. Some people complain they can’t get used to the inner earbuds, but those who don’t mind say the improved sound quality is a significant enhancement.

Photo: Nuraphone