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Health Gadgets Ranked from Best to Worst

Polar Loop 2

One of the lesser gadgets on this list is the Loop 2 by Polar. This fitness tracker isn’t too steep in price at around $70, but people have been quick to point out its design flaws. It will count your steps, track your calories, and monitor your sleep patterns, but if you want to get your heart rate, you have to wear a chest strap. It is waterproof, but only up to 20 meters (about 25 yards), and it has an eight-day battery life. It can show basic notifications, like most fitness trackers, and its companion Polar Flow app displays your tracked data relatively clearly and will even break it down over the course of each day. It’s a solid device, but given its features, Polar’s Loop 2 fitness tracker may not be your best bet, especially for the price. 

Photo: Polar