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Another great option for muscle stimulation is the PowerDot, a wireless pod perfect for pre-warmup, during activity, and post-workout recovery. FDA-cleared, clinically proven, and lightweight, this device uses electrical pulses to strengthen your muscles, speed up recovery, and reduce soreness as well as chronic stiffness. It increases blood flow and stimulates small contractions in the muscles to improve health and increase performance. The pod can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, and it comes with nine programs, four for everyday use and five for performance enhancement, so you can choose what works best based on your fitness goals. To use the PowerDot, place the pod or pods on the group of muscles you want to target, choose the program you want to try, and begin.

You can purchase the PowerDot with either one pod at $249, or two pods for $449. Whatever your fitness level, this muscle stimulator can benefit people of all workout intensities.