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Health Gadgets Ranked from Best to Worst

Samsung Gear S2

A surprising disappoint from Samsung is their Gear S2 smartwatch. First introduced in 2015, the device has since been updated to fix bug problems in previous versions as well as include new app support, but usability issues remain, and there are no stand-out features that allow this watch to keep up with, let alone outshine, its competitors. The more recently released S3 has been said to completely blow this model out of the water. It has an elegant design and display, along with a fluid user interface. but it has very few usable apps and limited fitness functionalities. Another strike against it is its reactivity bug: if you use the Gear S2 until it runs out of battery (which means about two to three days), it seems it won’t reconnect to your phone no matter what you do. Some users have also reported this watch to stop charging.

It does come with S Health, which features a toolkit to track your activity, like steps, distance, and calories burned, but beyond the basics, it’s rather underwhelming; it even lacks GPS! At $200, it’d be best to skip this if you're focused on your fitness.

Photo: Samsung