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Sprigs Armband

Deviating from the smartwatches in regards to athletic accessories, the Sprigs Armband for the Galaxy, iPhone, and Google phone is a helpful accompaniment to an active lifestyle. Unlike the typical Velcro-fastened armbands, Sprigs patented its own stretchable, breathable fabric that comes in four sizes to fit any arm without clinging or falling loosely; thanks to its built-in grip dots, the more you sweat, the more the armband clings to your skin. It’s marketed for hikers and runners, but can work for most workouts and even while traveling. Customers have said it’s light and comfortable, as well as offers easy access to their phones without having to stop their activity to get it. The downside, however, is that the armband is fitted, which can be annoying, according to some reviewers, and the snugness makes it difficult to layer workout clothes in the winter. But for $24, this Sprigs product is an excellent compromise between performance and value.

Photo: Sprigs