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Health Gadgets Ranked from Best to Worst


An important component of any workout activity is maintaining hydration, and among the many products intended for this purpose is the Wetsleeve, a hydration pack you wear on your forearm. The reservoir is contained in a Velcro arm wrap and features an external mouthpiece for the wearer to suck on to obtain the liquid, as well as small pockets to carry essential items like cash and your ID. Unfortunately, the Wetsleeve can only hold 12 ounces of liquid, which restricts its usefulness to shorter workouts. Although lightweight, the material itself is black, meaning it will soak up sunlight very quickly when you’re outdoors and make your arm hot and uncomfortable. Some people have also complained about the mouthpiece jutting out too much and snagging on things or poking others.

If your workouts aren’t very long or intense, the Wetsleeve might be a good option for you at $39, but its cost-to-benefit ratio loses it points in the ratings.

Photo: Kickstarter