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Billboard Woman of the Year Selena Gomez Gives a Face on the Lupus Community

Billboard Woman of the Year Selena Gomez Gives a Face on the Lupus Community

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Selena Gomez is one of the most famous stars in the world of television and music that came out of Disney, and now the star, who is 25 years old, has been chosen by Billboard as “Woman of the Year.”

It is important to mention that the pop star born in Texas has been through important issues in the latest years due to the number of issues she has faced because of her lupus condition. When she was diagnosed with lupus in 2013, she experienced several bouts of depression and anxiety, which has become a normal part of her life as a consequence of the autoimmune disease. 

However, now that things are starting to look better for Selena and that she has been through a successful recovery process, she prefers to adopt a strong attitude, directly stating that she is the owner of her body and that she is tired of a world where looks and false words and intentions are part of the everyday routine.

The star has mentioned many times that she prefers to spend time alone and in her own words, “Solitude serves as a source of liberation.” During her recovery, Selena has also made exercise as a part of her routine on a daily basis.

Selena’s surgery and impact in community suffering from lupus

Selena has shown to be a strong and resilient woman. She underwent a kidney transplant this summer due to complications that were triggered by her lupus condition, and since then, has been working nonstop to bring more awareness to the disease. People close to her have mentioned that she is very matured and that difficulties and experiences she has been through make it easy to forget that she is only 25 years old.

Now that she has completely recovered from surgery, she is balancing her professional career and healthcare decisions, following a strict diet and exercising a lot on a daily basis. Her trainer and other people close to her like to highlight how much Selena cares for people and things that are going on around her. One of the great examples of this aspect of Selena’s life is that she has raised over $500,000 to help lupus researchers find a definite cure for the condition.

Selena has also made it clear that she wants to live a life that is worth living. She enjoys going to Alaska and only resurfaces when she has something to do, when there is work to do. She has mentioned that she does not want any of her fans, friends or relatives feeling sad over her kidney transplant and her lupus since those experiences have opened new pathways for her and have changed the way she sees life. 

But not only that, her experience with lupus has made her feel very grateful for who she is.