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Breaking Through Fibromyalgia Fog for Better Communication

Breaking Through Fibromyalgia Fog for Better Communication

Breaking Through Fibromyalgia Fog for Better Communication

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by muscular pains, tenderness, mood disorders, and memory issues. It is more prevalent in females than in males and is often associated with other autoimmune diseases and emotional distress. Thus, many individuals suffering from fibromyalgia also have irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, and even depression.

It is a disease with varied symptomatology, and so there is a lot of disinformation and a lack of understanding about fibromyalgia. As one Dr. White KP has described, many in the scientific community have failed to fully appreciate the severity of this disease. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that it is not a disease, but rather a syndrome, or it exists due to the laziness of people and society, or that it is just a psychological disease (1). These beliefs simply underline how poorly this condition has been understood to date.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic medical condition that is often characterized by pain in the muscles, mood changes, issues with memory, and tenderness in certain parts of the body. This condition has been seen as a common occurrence in females. Those who suffer from this medical condition are also known to suffer from irritable bowel disease, depression, and anxiety attacks. One of the most devastating symptoms that has been neglected for a long time is the fibro fog. This symptom can be explained as a lack of memory, an attention deficit, and no proper mental clarity. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia have often complained that they keep forgetting small things and also at times are unable to keep important events in mind. Due to the fear of making any mistakes, most individuals with fibromyalgia thus do not try to socialize and instead isolate themselves.

The fibro fog cannot be deemed a single symptom, but is instead a collection of various symptoms. Also, no two patients experience identical symptoms of fibro fog. A few of the common symptoms of fibro fog include having difficulties communicating, wherein people tend to forget at the last moment what they wanted to say; they are unable to recall certain words to properly express themselves; also, in other instances, they may be talking to someone on the phone and suddenly forget it the very next moment. Another symptom is an inability to concentrate, wherein they often have difficulty performing a single task for a long time or they tend to get distracted easily. Patients may also find it difficult to carry out most of their day-to-day activities due to body stiffness, a decline in mental status, or having pain in specific muscular regions. Some of the additional symptoms are feelings of confusion, depression, and frequent drowsiness.

Currently, there is no magic potion that can cure the symptoms of communication or cognitive decline being experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers, but carrying out simple planning may help to slow down this process and make life a bit easier for these patients. A few such methods include:

  • Make certain changes to your diet. What we eat has a great impact on the overall health of the body, so an individual should choose the right kinds of foods and try to avoid certain others, as well as drinks. Increase the consumption of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fresh fruits, and veggies. Avoid the intake of alcohol and caffeine. Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible since water is very important for the body to properly function.
  • Get ample amounts of sleep since a rested brain works better and faster than a tired one. If you have sleeping problems, consult a sleep specialist.
  • Exercise is very good for one’s overall health. A healthy mind and body is greatly attributed to exercise. It helps to reduce stiffness in the muscles, improves the health of the heart, and also has positive effects on the brain, so it is better to keep oneself active as much as possible.

Also, an individual can plan the day in a proper manner, wherein you can carry out important and difficult tasks at a time when you feel good. You can make use of the latest technology to keep reminders and lists. Try to avoid carrying out multiple tasks at the same time.