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Breaking Through Fibromyalgia Fog for Better Communication

Symptoms of Fibro Fog

Fibro fog is not a single symptom, but rather a collection of various symptoms. Every person suffering from fibromyalgia will describe the fibro fog differently, no two patients are identical. Some of the most common symptoms of fibro fog are...

  • Communication difficulties: May be this is one of the most commonly reported symptom, peoples suffering from fibromyalgia often forget at last moment, what they wanted to say. They can't recall the right words to express themselves. They may talk with someone on the phone and forget about it the very next moment.
  • Lack of concentration: They find it difficult to do a single task for long, they cannot concentrate on the tasks that need deep mental involvement. They may get easily distracted.
  • Difficulty in working: They have difficulty in carrying out many days to day task, both due to muscular pains, stiffness and due to mental decline.