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Breaking Through Fibromyalgia Fog for Better Communication

Ways to Improve Memory and Communication

There is no magic drug that can cure the problem of communication and cognitive decline, yet some simple planning may slow down the process and make life easier for those living with fibromyalgia. Here is our list of recommendations.

  • Exercise: the classical saying that healthy mind resides in a healthy body is true for everyone. Keeping yourself physically fit has many benefits, it decreases the stiffness of muscles, make cardio-respiratory apparatus stronger for longevity, it has proven an effect on brain plasticity, thus improving almost all the mental functions including the memory and communication (4).So better start moving to keep moving.
  • Dietary habits: it involves both having the right kind of food and avoiding a certain type of food and drinks. Eat food that is rich in omega-3, have more of fresh vegetables and fruits to fulfill your need of micronutrients. Avoid drinking too much of coffee and alcohol. Though both alcohol and caffeine are quite different from each other, yet, both are known to impair thinking and increase the fogginess.
  • Sleep: rested brain always works better, thus make sure that you get enough of sleep. If you are suffering from asleep disorder, it would be a good idea to consult a sleep specialist.¬†