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Can Oral Therapy Replace Insulin In Diabetes for Those with Cystic Fibrosis?

Final thoughts

While there is no statistical advantage of oral agents in comparison to insulin, they do offer the advantage of choice among the patients. Many people with cystic fibrosis were diagnosed at a young age and their treatment schedules have essentially ruled their lives ever since then. As a result, depression and trauma is not uncommon. However, when one feels as if they have some control over a journey that can often be confusing or overwhelming, it can act as a huge advantage.

While some would still prefer to simply take insulin, others are overjoyed at the fact that they now have a noninvasive option - especially given that many of their other treatments are likely already invasive enough. Furthermore, if they had a reluctance to utilize insulin for any reason prior, they would likely have to justify it as it was considered the more powerful treatment option. Now that they have been shown to be equal, the choice does not have to be "substantiated" for any reason other than simple preference. Therefore, giving control over the patient is the advantage that these results of equal efficacy offer.