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Let’s Talk Lupus: Lupus Canada’s Way of Reaching Out to Lupus Patients

Pain is Inevitable

As per National Resource on Lupus, it is usual for individuals who suffer from this condition to experience pain, inflammation, and muscle aches, causing loss of strength and weakness. Over 90% of individuals with lupus experience muscle and joint pain along the way. More than half of these individuals felt joint pain as the first symptom. Chronic pain is characterized as a lasting pain for over six months. The pain you’ll suffer can be severe or mild, periodic or continuous, and merely just irritating or entirely disabling. Furthermore, it can start from trauma or injury and can be a continuous cause of pain. Some of the people can normally suffer from disease from the body damage or absence of the past injury. When this kind of scenario happens, the nervous system signals pain that will last for days, weeks, months, or even years. This can possibly take an emotional and physical toll on an individual.