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Let’s Talk Lupus: Lupus Canada’s Way of Reaching Out to Lupus Patients

Physical and Emotional Pain

Moreover, it can’t only give you extreme physical discomfort but can also lead to several psychological problems that you should also be concerned with. The physical aspects of chronic pain can stem from headaches, backaches, past pain from injuries, or joint pain. It can also be a cause of sinus pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other specific body parts such as lower back, shoulders, or neck. Also, the ongoing muscle and nerve pain can lead to chronic pain that can possibly last for several years.

Aside from dealing with its physical pain, this can also cause an emotional toll that makes the pain feel worse. The emotional issues associated with chronic pain include hopelessness, fear, anger, depression, anxiety, and overall extreme negative feelings. These emotional issues can be caused by sleeplessness, lack of energy, not being able of taking on the day to day activities, and constantly suffering from pain.