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A Canadian Bookstore Is Run Entirely by People With Autism

Customers love shopping at ARM Book Nook

The bookstore is a gem within its own community, serving loyal customers from their local neighborhood in New Brunswick. The bookstore not only serves a wonderful purpose but is also kept very orderly and professional. The staff members said that many first-time customers are often surprised at how professional the shop is. With thousands of used books on sale, it’s also impeccably organized and well kept.

The employees learn a lot from their work, from cataloging and general organizational skills as well as communication skills. Every day, a staff member opens the store and locks up at closing. Customers are always greeted as they enter the shop by one of the staff members with autism. Each donated book is inspected carefully for quality and cataloged for sale by a staff member. If there’s a title someone can’t find, the employees personally help these customers find the book. If the store doesn’t carry it, there’s even a special process involving request forms to help the customer find what they need. All these work tasks help these young adults learn valuable skills in organization, social interaction, and communication.