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A Canadian Bookstore Is Run Entirely by People With Autism

People with autism face unique challenges in the workplace

People with autism need opportunities to grow and learn. But these opportunities can be very difficult for them to find. Many of them have trouble developing better ways to interact with others. One challenge is communication. The condition makes it difficult for people with autism to understand social cues and communicate with others effectively. Though there are many outgoing and even humorous autistic people out there, there are just as many who are non-verbal or incredibly shy too. Given the opportunity, people with autism who are shy and non-verbal can grow with experience interacting with many different people.

People with autism can have special learning needs. That’s also why it can be so difficult to find the right environment for them to work. To sustain a good match, employers and employees need to have a mutual understanding of each others' needs. This can be especially challenging for autistic people in the workplace. Not everyone understands the special needs and communication tactics that work best for people on the spectrum.