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Casey's General Stores Continues their Partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Casey's General Stores Continues their Partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Photo Source: CSP Daily News.

Casey's General Stores announced that they would partner with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) once again to send kids with muscular dystrophy and other related diseases to summer camp. This partnership has been a tradition for more than 11 years, and helps muscular dystrophy patients offer a week of fun and friendship for children with disabilities.

Muscle related issues make daily activities difficult to perform, meaning that the children attending this summer require more patience and attention. Other programs in association with muscular dystrophy do not cater to children in the recreational sense, and several summer camps do not exist for individuals with muscular dystrophy.

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Casey’s General Store understands the importance of childhood as well as the sensitivity of living with muscular dystrophy. For example, “during August, Casey’s stores and sales associates will be selling pinups for $1 and $5 contributions to MDA. This year’s pinups include a “buy two, get one free” coupon for 7UP products.” These simple tokens of care are worth much more than their retail value in the eyes of children with muscular dystrophy.

Muscular dystrophy is a chronic to lifelong condition, indicating that the patients with this disease must grow accustomed to its pitfalls. 

What is Casey’s General Store?

Companies across the world have managed to collect funds for worthy causes and develop new and inventive solutions to life’s common issues. However, not every company or corporation can help benefit all of the diseases and health conditions that move throughout the world. Muscular dystrophy is a common enough disease that many corporations do not see the value in helping those with the condition.

However, according to the company, “Casey’s General Stores is proud to partner with MDA once again to help give local kids with life-threatening diseases the opportunity to experience a world of unlimited possibilities at MDA Summer Camp.” When a company has the time and resources to pay attention to medical condition like muscular dystrophy, these seemingly small acts of kindness grow in their true importance.

Casey’s General Stores has also received recognition for facilitating special events and programs regarding muscular dystrophy. In fact, “one of these events, Casey’s MDA Muscle Team Dinner and Auction, will take place on Thursday, Nov. 16.” Hosting events is only one of the helpful aspects provided by Casey’s General Stores. In fact, the charitable nature of this company goes beyond money and enters the realm of compassion.

How did Casey’s General Store help?

Casey’s General Stores cares deeply about the fundamental aspects of childhood and the corporation understands how much muscular dystrophy can rob a child of these benefits. According to the Muscular Dystrophy News, “at MDA Summer Camp, kids can participate in customized activities designed to be inclusive and to give them a chance to try new experiences, such as swimming, horseback riding, zip-lining, dancing, and many other activities.”

Each of these activities are the fundamental elements of a decent summer camp, making MDA summer camp a fantastic place for children. To keep this location running properly, the care of others must be implemented into the camp itself. In a sense, keeping this camp up and running is an investment of both time and money. This is another reason for why “Casey’s is strongly committed to supporting MDA’s mission. Not only do all stores help raise funds for summer camps, they also organize year-round local events to support muscular dystrophy families.”

Casey’s General Stores goes a step deeper into their involvement with the muscular dystrophy community by taking a personal interest in those with the condition itself. Casey’s is not just a brand name or a corporation, they function as a unit or a family in how the employees of this company function in society. The company also states, “Casey’s employees are also involved in local activities and volunteer work. They are often personally involved in the organization of the MDA summer camps across the Midwest and by helping to provide meals and snacks to campers, as well as making sure there is 24-hour monitoring throughout the camping week.”

None of these activities could have been executed properly without the funding and aid of caring individuals. Summer camps and known for their high levels of enjoyment and positive activities. Children enjoy the pleasures of camping, but these pleasures can be inhibited by issues such as muscular dystrophy. With that, Casey’s General Stores did what they could to help these children have some fun.

Summer camps for children with serious medical conditions are not normally inexpensive, so not every child has the opportunity to attend. The costs for these camping facilities stems from the functional staff members that are trained to care for individuals with muscular dystrophy. Trained medical personnel do not come cheap, and not every summer camp is willing to pay for a staff of this caliber. Despite how much these facilities cost, “last year, Casey’s and MDA raised a combined total of $1.5 million to support MDA’s efforts to make each camp fully accessible and medically safe for all its campers.”

For many other charitable organizations, donating this large amount of money to a singular charity is not always a common occurrence. Casey’s General Stores is a corporation that has separated itself from the others by how much it benefits the less fortunate and disabled. For example, “since they first teamed up in 2006, Casey’s and MDA have raised over $8 million in support of MDA’s mission to find treatments and cures for people whose lives have been compromised by muscular dystrophy.”

The cure for muscular dystrophy can be found, but a large amount of research is required for this goal to be reached. To conduct valid and conclusive research, a serious amount of capital is vital to the medical world. With the help of Casey’s General Stores, the overhead cost of muscular dystrophy research is decreased, and the childhood of a muscular dystrophy patient is enhanced.