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Celiac Disease: Going "From Crappy to Happy"

Gluten Dude kept a food journal to keep track of the food he ate before his diagnosis

After prodding by his spouse, he made a doctor’s appointment and began to keep a food journal about what he ate. His journal documented that he ate a bagel now and then, ingested pasta at dinner time, and drank a few beers with friends.

The doctor then read his journal and discussed his symptoms, and then they ordered an endoscopy. After the endoscopy, the Gluten Dude was told the villi in his lower intestines were gone, and that his celiac disease was one of the worse cases that his doctor had ever seen.

The Gluten Dude knew he was in trouble. After spending a bit of time wandering grocery store aisles and mourning over what he could not eat, Gluten Dude and Mrs. Dude began research on what to eat and how to prepare food.

The result? The Gluten Dude had his own shelf in the refrigerator, he had his own pantry and his own counter space. The Dude’s Wife, Mrs. Dude, bought new pots and pans, and they both began to pay attention to food labels.