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How Cell Phones Are Destroying the Mental Health of an Entire Generation

The tipping point was reached: Over half of Americans owned a smartphone

In 2012, the percentage of Americans who owned a smartphone tipped over 50%. That tipping point, according to Twenge, marks a dramatic shift in American culture that is having enormous implications for the iGeneration. 

It’s been a few years since 2012, and since then the number of Americans who own smartphones has only continued to increase. Not only do most Americans own smartphones now, but recent data indicates that 3 out of every 4 teenagers owns an iPhone. In addition to owning smartphones, we’ve also reached a place in our society where we use them for practically everything. It’s difficult to imagine getting through some of the tasks of a regular day without a smartphone; they’ve become entwined in the fabric of our everyday lives. In addition to smartphones, the development and frequent use of social media has also continued to steadily rise. Although Facebook may not be as popular among teenagers as it was five or ten years ago, it’s been replaced by other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat which are nearly invaluable to the social lives of the average American teenager. All this new technology and these new ways of interacting with the world and with other humans is having a huge impact on the next generation.