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Complications and Mallory's future

There is a risk of organ rejection, which usually happens within the first six months either suddenly or gradually. In the event that this happens, Mallory will need to return to the hospital for treatment. Another risk is infection, as the immunosuppressant drugs needed are able to help the body adapt to the new set of lungs, but weakens the immune system in the process. Despite the transplant, cystic fibrosis will still be present in other organs, meaning treatments will still be necessary. Eighty percent of cystic fibrosis patients who are able to have the transplant that Mallory has manage to live until the next year, and fifty percent live for another five years.

As her recovery progresses, she has a lot of people wishing her the best. She has acted as an inspiration to others, both those who know her in real life and those with CF who follow her blog for support. Abrams explains, "she's incredibly smart and talented. She embodies someone who lives her life to the fullest."