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College Sophomore Turns to Sorority for Crohn's Support

Rhiannon is a fighter

But Rhiannon's sorority support her as much as she supports them. That is why whenever she has to receive chemotherapy, she proudly sports her Phi Mu Letters as a source of comfort. She explains how much this helps her, "I know when I wear those letters I have 160 smiling faces back in Lincoln cheering me on and helping me stay strong. Those letters give me comfort. They help me a lot because I know what being a Phi Mu means. It means giving back, staying strong, being a leader in your community, and even during the hardest times in your life, being a Phi Mu means you can get back on your feet and you can keep going."

Now, Rhiannon has proven she is a fighter because she was given that week to live, two weeks before she started her freshman year of high school, but now she is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln six years later.