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Abby Lee Miller Completes 6th Round of Chemo

The battle that continues to rage on

Miller’s battle with cancer is far from over. In June, she revealed that she had to undergo another emergency surgery. And after being seen in a wheelchair outside of her rehab center, it was reported that she may never walk again. “Abby can’t walk at all. Her mind is so sharp, but she can’t move her legs. She has no mobility at all. She is going crazy. Everyone around her is encouraging her and making her feel like there is hope, but it’s not looking promising for Abby Lee to walk again” told a source to Radar Online.

In addition to undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy, Miller had been battling a 103-degree fever and a low white blood cell count. She has also been undergoing physical therapy to learn how to walk again following the two emergency surgeries on her spine.