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How to Build Mobility Confidence with Parkinson's Disease

Keep at it

Although patients may not be able to continuously do physical activity, it’s important that they continue with as much activity as they can. Long sedentary periods can not only undo all the work that was previously done, but it can also cause the fears of falling to return along with a lack of confidence in movement. Encouragement from loved ones can go a long way in help to preserve the active lifestyle of patients. Gentle prodding such as suggestions to walk in place while a commercial break during a television show which will help with muscle stiffness and provides exercise.

Exercise is beneficial to everyone and Parkinson's patients are no different, due to the circumstances of the disease it may be a bit more difficult to do the full range of exercise but in Parkinson's every little bit helps as it slows down disease progression.  Because of the nature of the disease, there may be some confusion as to what types of exercises to do, as well as the level of intensity that should or can be done so as not to injure oneself. If recently diagnosed, it’s recommended to stay the course of whatever physical activity that was being done before the diagnosis. The positive benefit of that is as the disease progresses, if need be you can adapt the things that are already well known, to the new reality of your muscles and mobility.