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How to Build Mobility Confidence with Parkinson's Disease

Make Moving Fun

It may sound counter intuitive, but moving more may help the slow down the progression of the disease. But walking isn’t the only thing that patients can do and finding activities that are fun while helping to promote movement will lead to more confidence in movement and less fear of falling. Activities such as dancing or joining a group aerobics or swimming class is something that patients can enjoy. The more that someone enjoys an activity the more likely they are to continue doing it.

Go out Daily

Even if not participating in structured activity, the patient should be encouraged to leave the house daily. It can be for any reason, to walk to the mailbox or just up the street and back. Someone should ideally be there to help if it is needed but the patient may use balance aids if they are available. Getting out of the house for even just a short distance will help to build overall confidence and if the trips are successful with no accidents, then the patient may be more inclined to tray more structured or strenuous activities.