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Iron Intake Could Contribute to Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis

Common symptoms

If your child has MS, they need to receive treatment as soon as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to know when your child is showing signs of MS, which is why we have gathered some of the more common symptoms of MS:

  • Problems with bowel or bladder control
  • Weakness and fatigue during physical activity
  • Struggling with walking (usually accompanied by pain or weakness)
  • Sudden and unexplainable vision changes
  • Frequent muscle spasms
  • Sensory changes including a tingling sensation or numbness anywhere in the body
  • Tremors or in some cases even seizures

Now obviously these symptoms are not unique to MS and could have other explanations, but if your child has been experiencing one or more of the symptoms above it could very well be a sign of a larger health problem that should be addressed by your pediatrician as soon as possible.