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How to Take Control of Crohn’s Flare-Ups

Get more nourishment

Fatigue and sickness often occur because a person is malnourished, and individuals with Crohn’s disease can have a particularly hard time receiving the proper nourishment. Crohn’s disease patients require more calories in order to function, and yet symptoms can make it hard have an appetite. In some cases, Crohn’s disease may directly interfere with a person’s ability to absorb nutrients from food consumed.

Eating properly is key to preventing and dealing with flare-ups. It can help reduce the intensity of symptoms during a flare up, and also prevent future complications such as osteoporosis. Additionally, most medications should be taken after eating in order to be absorbed properly into the body. Each person has different dietary needs, and the same goes for those living with Crohn’s disease. Those with Crohn’s disease may benefit especially from a diet that leans heavier into carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.