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How to Cope with Sadness When Cancer Treatment Ends

Incorporate a moderate exercise routine

Yes, the other tip that applies to everything. Like eating healthy, exercise can do wonders for both the body and mind. Sayles notes, "if you have not already begun an exercise program, begin one. Think about the rest of your life."

Physically, exercise will enable you to be at your strongest and healthiest - something that you may not be used to after your battle with cancer. Getting back into shape can feel great, and remind you what it is like to be healthy.

Mentally, exercise can be a major stress reliever and boost confidence as you see yourself progress. If you are having trouble connecting with people after what you have been through, exercise can also aid in meeting others - try a class in something you enjoy at a local gym to get back at it!

Of course, it is crucial to discuss with your doctor what amounts of exercise are best to engage in at each state.