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Why Clinical Trials Are Essential for Crohn's and Colitis Treatment Advancement

Crohn's and Colitis: Hesitant patients

Hesitant patients

Patients also have their fair share of hesitations, including worries about the time commitment of participating in a trial and the side effects of the proposed treatment (or receiving a placebo). These are extremely reasonable concerns, and you should never participate in a study unless you feel 100% comfortable with the procedures. But, keep in mind that clinical trials exist with the goal of improving treatment options and quality of life for patients of a disease, not worsen it. If you’re worried about the time commitment or impact participating in a trial may have on your life, never hesitate to ask. It’s standard ethical practice to disclose this type of information to prospective participants. If you don’t feel comfortable with the proposed participant requirements, simply opt out of the study. But if there’s a chance you may be able to participate and contribute to medical knowledge about disease treatment, it’s definitely worth at least investigating.