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Crohn's Disease: How to Begin to Fight Uncertainty

Be more prepared than you think you need to be.

Be prepared for day-to-day life. This will help relieve stress while you’re out and about. Packing a spare pair of underwear and extra clothes prepares you for any accidents. It helps make you feel like you are more in control of situations. Bring sanitary materials in case you need them. Scope out the bathroom when you enter a new place. Try to sit closer to the toilet if you’re on a plane. Depending on where you live, there are also priority cards you can get to flash if you need to use the restroom before others. Also, keep pain medication on you at all times. Cramps may occur out of nowhere so it’s important to keep any prescribed medication on you. Don’t restrict your daily activities just because of IBD. Go to the gym, get lunch out, take a walk. Don’t let IBD keep you from your daily activities.