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Crohn's Disease: How to Begin to Fight Uncertainty

Final thoughts

Don’t let Crohn’s keep you from your daily activities. Be prepared with an extra change of clothes, with medication, and knowing where the restrooms are located in new places. Try not to be ashamed of your IBD. Being honest with your spouse, mother, father and close friends about your diagnosis can help them be more supportive during a flare-up. Speaking of your spouse, freely discuss any intimate details that are holding you back. He or she will be even more understanding the more you can openly communicate your thoughts, fears and emotions.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will dramatically improve IBD symptoms and complications also. Eat a healthy, balanced diet while avoiding any trigger foods. Try to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum and quit smoking if you haven’t already. Reduce stress by practicing meditation or listening to relaxing music. Most importantly - remember you’re not alone and your IBD shouldn’t hold you back from living a normal life.