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Crohn's Disease: How to Begin to Fight Uncertainty

Try to minimize and prevent stress.

We all know that stress can worsen Crohn’s symptoms. So, it’s important to try to minimize stress. Try to take a peaceful walk, listen to relaxing music, practice meditation for a few minutes out of your day, read an enjoyable book, talk with a therapist, or try other forms of therapy. If you try any self-help measures and still experience anxiety, speak with your healthcare team about possible medications or treatments available to you.

Crohn’s affects more than the GI tract; the physical and mental effects can be isolating. People with Crohn’s don’t want to be paralyzed because of fear of incontinence in public, or held back because stomach cramps are unbearable. Depression and anxiety can also creep up slowly. When you want to get out and socialize with family and friends, sometimes fear sets in. Remember, you are not alone.