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Crohn's Disease: How to Begin to Fight Uncertainty

What about being intimate?

Being intimate is a huge concern for many people with Crohn’s.

What if I need to run to the toilet during sex?

Is my medication affecting my sex drive?

Will sex be painful because of my Crohn’s?

These are all legitimate questions and concerns. And remember, you’re not alone in these thoughts and feelings. Talk with your doctor if you feel comfortable enough. They are there to help you with any and all symptoms and effects of your disease. If they can’t help with your issues, they can refer you to a therapist who deals with these things on a daily basis. Talk with your spouse or partner. Tell him or her exactly how you feel, any concerns, how it’s affecting your body image. They will understand. Keep it simple to start. Just start with how you feel and allow them to ask questions. Be open, and answer honestly. They will help reassure you and make you feel more at ease. Having an open and caring conversation is the key to overcoming any concerns you have.